Contractor, general contractor for the construction of residential, industrial, transportation, irrigation, post office, technical infrastructure; transmission lines and transformer stations; interior decoration;

Construction contractor, experiments, design of power projects to 35kv voltage level.

Consulting, investment consulting general contractor and building construction projects include: Development and verification of investment projects; Bidding advice, counseling supervision and project management; technology consulting and automation; topographical, geological and hydrological surveying works and experiments; Design estimate making the overall design and verification of estimates; detailed planning and design of residential, urban functional zones, industrial parks, construction quality assurance and advisory services;

Business investment and housing development in urban infrastructure, residential, high technology, new economic zones, export processing zones, industrial parks, real estate, rental housing, management and exploitation services to new urban areas;

Investment in construction of houses, motels, hotels, amusement parks, cultural and sports areas, parks tourism services, industrial parks, construction of residential, industrial, transportation, fisheries benefits, drainage, parking lots, river ports, sea ports, underground works, building parks, greenery, industrial parks, urban areas … .;

Sales occupations as prescribed by law;

Supply, installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning, refrigeration, industrial equipment and household electrical equipment explosion and lifts, repair and construction mayd;

Tourism business investment, trade in services, hotels and restaurants, handicraft items, beer, soft drinks, water and consumer goods;

Collision repair and restoration of historic buildings;

Export and import of materials, construction materials, machinery, equipment, fees and spare, production supplies, materials consumption, means of transport.

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